Fibromyalgia Rash Explained

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Fibromyalgia rash is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. A disorder characterized by muscular pains on the rams, neck, back or pelvic waist. It may even lead to joint stiffness, fatigue and sleep disturbance leave alone depression, stress associated symptoms and difficulty in swallowing. The disorder has been in existence since 1981 when it was first discovered. The sad thing is that since then there has never been a definite treatment or cure for the disorder. However; doctors deal with the symptoms as they come up and this has been effective in reducing its effect thou it cannot treat the disorder entirely. Many myths and believes have been developed as to the cause of the disorder. Some researchers believe it is due to stress, others say that it is genetic, self-induced with the most recent revelation stating that it is a neurological medical disorder which starts and course brain damage.

Fibromyalgia rash on the patient’s skin is not only a health treat but an annoying thing. The best remedy to this symptom is to consult a heath practitioner who will advise you accordingly. Most of us have suffered from skin infection in a place in life. They are very itchy and frustrating. This may vary from skin acne to complex skin complications that could have affected you. However; this could have happened only once or none in your life. To the contrary, fibromyalgia patients suffer more than most of us with skin problems. This is estimated at approximately eight percent of the patients who are prone to different skin complications. They are not only disturbing to the patients but worsen the state of the disorder. They increase the effect of other symptoms like sleep disturbance since the infections are very itchy and makes it hard for a patient to sleep.

To get a clear understanding of Fibromyalgia rash, it is ideal to analyze the different types of skin problems that may arise. The problem is that one could cause another and develop into chronic skin complications. One of the common skin complaints is itchy skin. These rashes may develop anywhere within your body. They are itchy and scratchy and in most cases they irritate making you to scratch those subsequently developing sores and infections. Tender skin is also an infection brought about by fibromyalgia. These are sensitive skins that cause reddishness, scarring and even swelling of the affected areas. This may even hinder the patient from engaging in his/her daily duties. Dry skin may also occur. This is characterized by cracking of the skin. They may appear anywhere but they mostly affect the fingers and hands. They are very irritating and the skin peels off.

Other Fibromyalgia rash includes mottled skin. This infection makes the skin to turn color and appearance. It is characterized by dark spots mostly in the inner thighs and armpits. If they are exposed to the sun they become darker or turn reddish. The cause of these skin complications among fibromyalgia patients is still a puzzle to researchers, scientists and doctors. Tender skin could be due to the disorder’s effect on the central nervous system. This could also cause itchiness. The failure by brains of fibromyalgia patients to interpret pain signal could be the reason why the disorders is so common among them.

Since the causes of Fibromyalgia skin infection is not yet known, a patient is advised to deal with the symptoms at hand as they come up. They are various skin care products and ointments that are available. These crams are effective in soothing itchy skins and should be applied after washing the affected area with warm water. Other treatments include ultraviolet light therapies in severe cases.

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