Is Fibromyalgia Curable?

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Did you know that 92% of fibromyalgia patients affirmed that the said medical condition greatly affect their life decisions? This includes whether they should to remain in a relationship, start a new one, or change jobs. A great majority of fibromyalgia patients who are already parents also said that the pain that comes with the muscular disease affects their parenting duties. Fibromyalgia makes it difficult for them to attend to their children’s needs. They also fail to appreciate their children’s achievements because of the said disease. All of these and more are the reasons why we should wage a war against fibromyalgia!

But, is fibromyalgia curable? Can we possibly win the battle against fibromyalgia? Can we possibly get over this painful and difficult stage in our life wherein our every move, action, and decision is restricted by this disease?

Of course, yes we can! Although there is no specific cure for fibromyalgia, we can still do something about it. Despite the fact that we are unaware on the underlying cause of this dreaded disease, it is a good thing that medical professionals have come up with an effective regimen to deal with it. It is through a continuous and thorough study on fibromyalgia that doctors found about the things that we should do in order to combat it!

Knowledge is our best defense against fibromyalgia. It is important that we know more about what we are dealing with so that we know exactly what to do with it. It is important that we know that fibromyalgia is not a single condition with one common cause. It is actually a combination of muscular disorders and psychological pain syndromes that can affect every facet of the patient’s life.

The field of medicine has already invested a lot to find the right medicine for fibromyalgia. But none of these clinical trials and experiments succeeded. Sure, there are some medicines that can relieve the pain or provide symptomatic relief to the patient. There are even some that works like a placebo and gives the patient a mindset of being cured. Other medications have strong side effects that they can actually replace fibromyalgia as the main cause of suffering. But none of those are found to be effective in addressing the pain and discomfort that comes with fibromyalgia.

Other than knowledge therapy, leading a healthy lifestyle is another effective cure for fibromyalgia. Since the pain that comes with fibromyalgia is very physical, then it is just right that we face the pain head on. It is best that we do the right exercise to help soothe our muscles and relieve the pain. Sure, exercise may come off as painful at first, but I assure you, it would all be worth it. If we get to move our muscles slowly, we can lead it to functioning normally and gradually reduce the pain that we are experiencing.

It is also best that we get enough sleep while we are on our battle against fibromyalgia. Good and quality sleep is one of our body’s best defenses. If we get to have a good rest everyday, our immune system will spike up and we will have the defenses that we need to fight any kind of illness, especially fibromyalgia. It can also boost our mood and fill us with positivism. Exercise and good sleep can trigger happy hormones in our body and it can help us fight the pain and weakness that comes with fibromyalgia.

Other than exercise and sleep, there are also some experts who advocate alternative medicine as the best cure for fibromyalgia. They recommend patients to undergo modifiable therapy consisting of stretching, physiotherapy, chiropractic, advanced needle therapy (IMS), supplemental medications, anti-inflammatories, pain killers, sleep enhancement therapy and stress reduction techniques.

All of my patients that were cured of fibromyalgia had one common thread- they all actively took part in their own recovery.  I insist upon it  because recovery is very difficult without the patient’s deep participation and education.

You must find a physician who can guide you through the therapies and “can roll with the punches”, as there is usually a wild ride up and down the road to recovery- but recovery is possible for most!

Also remember that some patients have a combination of myofascial pain with other conditions such as rheumatoid disease, cancer, radiation injury, depression, or even drug side effects. These conditions can greatly aggravate recovery and may make it impossible to fully recover unless they too are addressed.

Finally, please remember that I, and other physicians or therapists are not gods but are simply people trying to make a difference in a person’s life that is truly suffering.

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